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7 Core Elements Of Retirement Planning

7 Core Elements Guide Cover

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about your plans for retirement, then this guide can help bring confidence and clarity to your most important financial goals.

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Money Evolution Guide to Understanding and Managing Your Debt

Guide To Understanding Your Debt

As a nation and as consumers debt has gotten away from us.Managing your debt is one of the most important aspects to a maintaining good positive cash-flow.

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Money Evolution Guide To Buying and Financing Your Home

Guide To Buying And Financing Your Home

Buying a house will likely be the single largest purchase you may make in your lifetime.

Although many people buy a home for purely emotional reasons, its also critical that you evaluate a home purchase from a financial standpoint as well.

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Money Evolution Guide to Understanding Real Estate As An Investment

Real Estate As An InvetmentI am also a strong believer that your house is not an asset, but rather an expense, and should always be considered that way as long as it remains your primary residence. Even though some people will tell you to buy as much house as you can possibly afford, because when your house goes up in value, you will make a bigger profit. However, having too much house, or too much house expense, may keep you from saving as much money for your retirement, or worse keep you from enjoying life.There are however two strategies that may work for some people to potentially make money from their house.

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Money Evolution Guide To Understanding Your Taxes

Understanding Your TaxesHow to finally understand your taxes and create a more powerful strategy to become a more tax efficient investor

Taxes will likely be the single largest expense you will have in your lifetime. Unlike your mortgage, that hopefully will eventually be paid off, you will pay taxes for your entire life. Since this could be your biggest expense, its important to understand how you are taxed, and learn strategies that could potentially minimize the amount of taxes you pay.

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Money Evolution Guide To Understanding the Total Cost of Car Ownership

Total Cost Of Car Ownership

Owning a car is a necessity for most people. We need to have safe reliable transportation for our families and to get to and from work. Car expenses have gotten out of control for many American households

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