I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

More specifically, I’d like to challenge everybody to really try and make 2017 one of your best years ever.

So, some of you may be wondering, why am I wishing everybody a Happy New Year? After all, it’s almost the end of January. Well, I think that a lot of people start off the year really strong, they make some great goals, maybe set some New Year’s resolutions for themselves, and then as they get back to work and obligations, and busyness kicks in, some of those goals and New Years’ resolutions tend to fall by the wayside a little bit. So, hopefully, this video that we’re doing here today will help to re-inspire you to reevaluate some of those goals, maybe do some more planning for the rest of 2017 to really, like I said, make it one of your best years ever.

One of the things that I really truly believe in, is that life has to have balance. And obviously, there’s multiple areas of our life that we need to keep in balance with one another. We have our health, we have our family and our relationships, we have our finances, our spirituality, and keeping all of those in balances, I think, is one of the most important things in life, but as life gets in the way, some of those things may, from time to time, fall by the wayside. We may get busy at work and maybe we’re working on a big project, so some of our relationships may suffer a little bit. We’re not spending as much time with our family, or we’re not able to get to the gym, or spend enough time on our health issues.

So, one of the things that really kinda helps me stay on track and on target for some of my goals, is I’m really big into journaling, and I journal pretty much every single day. If I don’t get to it everyday, I’m usually doing it several times a week. In this journal, I’ll write down several things. I’ll write down things that I want to try to accomplish maybe for the upcoming week. I’ll spend some time reflecting on what I did the previous week. If I did accomplish some of the goals and some of the things that I set out to do, and even if I drift off track a little bit, from time to time, by continuously coming back to that journal, it really helps me stay focused, and knowing where I need to go next, and what I need to be working on.

I hope that helps a little bit. Hope that helps with some of your goal setting for the year, and really think about what it is that you’d like your life to look like for 2017, and what are some of those big things that you want to accomplish?

We’ve got some big plans here as well. One of my big goals for the year is to really get a lot more active here on our content that we’re putting out on social media, and on our blog at MoneyEvolution.com. So, if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. I’m gonna try to get out at least a few videos every single week. If you’re on Facebook, make sure you like our Facebook page. That’s probably the best way to really stay up to date on everything that we’re doing because almost everything we do gets posted onto our Facebook page. And if you’re watching this video any place other than our blog at MoneyEvolution.com, head over there, check that out. We’ve got some great free resources available to you, a lot of download PDFs that you can get with some really great information, so hope that helps.


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