Are you Waiting For Retirement?
Working too much, not spending time with family and friends, holding back on taking that vacation? I see this all the time. People not living their best life, putting things off waiting until they retire. Life is a journey that we need to enjoy along the way.

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I have a question for you.

Are you waiting for retirement?

So, what do I mean by that? Well, this is a trap that I think a lot of people can fall into, where they’re actually waiting for their retirement to start living their life. They tend to put off things that they could be doing today but they say that they’re going to wait until retirement to do them. So they put off the big trip that they want to do, or they tell themselves that they’re going to spend more time with their family or working on their relationships in retirement, or they’re going to do something that they really want to do and, quite honestly, I think this is actually something that I fell into probably early on in my career.

I was doing retirement planning and so I became very focused myself on putting a lot of my emphasis on working towards my retirement and I was in my early 20s. So I was saving a ton of money towards retirement, I was working a lot and I really did put off a lot of things. Well, I can across a pretty interesting blog article from Sir Richard Branson here recently. And for those of you that may not be familiar with Richard Branson, he’s a billionaire, started the Virgin brands, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Airlines, and if you saw some of the recent pictures of President Obama kite surfing recently, well President Obama was actually kite surfing with Richard Branson. So, I forget how old Richard Branson is, but he’s getting up there and he still lives life very fully and he still works, as a matter of fact, but what he talks about in his blog post is that traditional education systems have skewed the meaning of life towards working towards a destination, and he talks about how this is kind of ingrained, you know, working towards, you know, graduation, working on a career, and he says that people put too much emphasis on living to retire and therefore they cheat themselves of an exciting existence.

He says that, one epic thing isn’t coming. Every day can be great so long as we live in the present, we stop to enjoy the moment and we find the beauty in each and every day. So, anyway, I just wanted to share that with you. I’m actually down here taking a little bit of a vacation myself. So, trying to do that, trying to live in the moment, get away from the Michigan winter here. But, anyway, think about that and as you’re planning for retirement, I think it’s very important to do and to save that money, but also make sure that you’re not putting off those things that you could be doing today and that you’re living life every single day

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I help individuals make the transition from working to retirement.

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