April Blog Update
Here’s what we’ve been working on at MoneyEvolution.com. If you have a topic or question you would like to see me address on one of our blogs please send me an email.

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I want to make this a bit more of a status update, and talk to you a little bit about some of the things that we’re working on here at MoneyEvolution.com.

It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of April, four months into the year and we’ve been pretty active here on our blog at Money Evolution. I think so far this year, we’ve uploaded almost 40 videos to our YouTube channel, again the purpose of these videos is, to be completely educational in nature, so I’m hoping that you’re enjoying the content that we’re putting out there and if there’s a topic or something that you’d like to see covered in one of these videos or one of our blogs, please shoot me an email, I will read and respond to ever single email that comes in and I would love to get some feedback and hear from all of you about what kinds of topics you’re enjoying and what kinds of things you’d like to see me cover in a future update.

We’re also going to be doing our tax presentation, how to become a more tax efficient investor and understand your taxes. We did two of these last year, we actually did an encore it was one of our most widely attended live stream presentations that we did and so, we’re going to be doing that again this year now that hopefully everyones finished with their taxes for the year. So, that is possibly coming up, again depending on when you’re watching the video. I’ll put a link here in the description that’ll take you to the registration page for that.

We also just finished up working on a presentation on healthcare in retirement and this is something that I’ve talked a little bit about on the blog here before, I know it’s a topic that continues to get a lot of questions. So that’s going to be more in depth and that’s probably going to be our May live stream event, it’s actually in our compliance department right now going through the approval stages for that. So, again that’s going to be retirement and healthcare and it’s our healthcare and retirement and it’s going to cover your healthcare issues before Medicare, there’s going to be a huge section about Medicare as well, and then I’m also going to talk about long term care in there as well. Again, that’s our monthly live stream and if you didn’t know already, we do one of these live streams pretty much every month and we’re definitely going to be a lot more consistent with that, so look for that on a monthly basis.

To stay updated on all that stuff, if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe for our updates and you’ll be sure to get notified whenever we’re doing those live stream events, and there’s a couple different ways to follow us and kind of consume the content that we’re putting out there, depending on what social media avenues enjoy. But we’re on YouTube obviously, I think now we’ve got over 100 videos on our YouTube channel, if you’re on YouTube and you want to check out our videos, its a great place to get some educational resources there, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, it’s a great way to stay updated on everything that we’re doing there as well. And if you’re on Facebook, we’ve got a Facebook page that is pretty active. Most of the stuff that’s coming from our YouTube channel ends up on Facebook, sometimes some extra content ends up there as well. So it’s maybe not a bad idea to sign up for both of those and like our Facebook page, Money Evolution, and then of course you can watch our content on our blog at MoneyEvolution.com and we also have a pretty good resources section there that we’ve developed, I think right now there’s about seven or eight different free resource guides on different topics such as buying a house and managing debt, buying a car, and total cost of car ownership. So look out for some of those resources, we’ve got some great tools I think there to help you plan and there’s of course the retirement planning tools as well. So, anyways, hope everyone is doing well, again, send me feedback, email, let me know what you like, and look out for our updates on our live stream.

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I help individuals make the transition from working to retirement.

As you approach retirement you will be making some of the most important financial decisions of your life. Most of these decisions don’t get a do-over, once you’ve made them your stuck.

My goal is to help you get the most out of your retirement resources. I do this by coordinating and optimizing what I call the 7 Core Elements of Retirement Planning.

It all starts with a plan!

We use advanced financial planning software to help you understand your retirement cash flow so you know where the gaps are.

Understanding your retirement gap is the foundation to getting the most out out of your retirement resources and avoiding costly mistakes.

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