Thank you for your interest in the Money Evolution Plan. A stand alone financial plan that's not tied to where you choose to keep your investments.

The Money Evolution Plan

$ 3,997
One Time Flat Fee
  • 4 one-on-one Meetings with Bill Including a 90 Minute initial plan presentation meeting plus 3 one hour follow up meetings to really dive deep into your plan, answer all of your questions and get clear actionable ideas.
  • A detailed written summary after each one of your meetings with Bill with any action items, to-do’s or recommendations clearly bulleted out.
  • Unlimited Access to the Retirement Time Machine Video Library
  • 24/7 Access to the eMoney Financial Plan Client Portal
  • Concierge Client support for questions in between your meetings
  • Monthly Live Stream events on a variety of financial and retirement planning topics including Live Q&A and Market Updates

What You Get

Getting Organized

Organize your financial information so you can see it all in one place. Gain confidence and clarity about your financial future to help work towards your financial goals

Plan Optimization

Discover when you can retire and how much you could spend. When to collect Social Security. Evaluate a Lump sum vs. Pension.

Advanced Planning & Modeling

Planning for major life events and goals and the impact on your long term financial success. Helping kids/grandkids with college. Buying a new home. Stress test your plan with different “what if” scenarios.

Evidence Based Recommendations

See the impact different scenarios have on key financial metrics inside your plan, such as Cash Flow, Total Lifetime Taxes Paid, Future Portfolio Value and more!

Cash Flow Mapping

Create a detailed map so you can see all of the moving pieces of your financial picture. Identify gaps and savings opportunities as your cash flow changes over time.

Retirement Withdrawal Strategy

Build out an asset allocation bucket strategy that can minimize the impact of market downturns. Plan out which accounts to withdrawal from first.

Tax Planning

Identify short and long term tax issues. When and how much to convert to a Roth. Where and what types of accounts to contribute to. Plan for potential tax issues associated with an early retirement.

And Much Much More!

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