We Can Help Bring Confidence And Clarity To Your Financial Goals.

Premium Access is our ongoing fee only financial planning service. ($99/Month)

After completing your initial WealthVision Financial Plan, and we both feel like there is a good fit, you can enroll in our Premium Access Ongoing Financial planning service. This can be a stand alone fee only financial planning arrangement, or as an add on to our asset management services.

Think of Premium Access kind of like your personal trainer at the gym.

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Who Is This For?

As you become more successful your financial situation often gets more complicated. More income often means more taxes and more money to keep track of. Many of us often find ourselves in a position where there is simply not a lot of time to focus on our personal finances. When we do have time we would most likely rather spend that time with our families, a hobby we enjoy or simply relaxing. I created Premium access as an alternative pricing structure that is not directly tied to any specific investment or portfolio. In fact you don’t even have to have any money invested with us at all. You are simply paying for financial advice.

What Is Premium Access?


Premium access expands on our WealthVision Financial plan and takes a deeper dive into your personal finances. Your financial goals can usually be broken down into many smaller goals that need to be achieved in order to reach your main goal. Many people who do a one-time financial plan miss this and fall short because they don’t know what the next step is. That’s why I created the Premium Access Service, so that we can continually help you make progress towards your most important financial goals


Do you ever feel overwhelmed when it comes to your personal finances?

Your Own Personal Financial Home Page.

How do you access your financial information now? Do you have a log in and password for each one of your financial accounts? For many, this could be a dozen or more accounts and passwords to keep track of. With Premium Access, you will get your own personal financial homepage where you can view all of your financial accounts in one place.

  • Bank Checking and Saving Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Mortgages and other loans
  • Car loans
  • IRA’s
  • 401k, 403b etc.
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Not Making A Decision Is A Decision!

Have you ever delayed or even ignored making a financial decision because you were “too busy” to think about it? Why is it that financial decisions are often the ones that continually get pushed to the bottom of our list of things to do? Just like making a wrong decision can cost us money, not making a decision can cost us money too. When we feel overwhelmed or don’t feel confident about something, often our natural reaction is to just do nothing. As a Premium Access subscriber you can discuss any financial decision, big or small with us. Sometimes we may have a quick or simple answer. Other times we may need to take a deeper dive and run various what-if scenarios within your WealthVision Financial plan and discuss the pro’s and the con’s of each. Either way, we can help you feel more confident about your decision.

Completing your initial WealthVision plan was a great start in making progress towards your financial goals, but there is so much more we can do.

Here are some of the financial goals we can help you work towards as a Premium Access Subscriber…

Take Back Control Of Your Money!

Cash management may be the most important element to your financial success. After all, if you’re not managing your income and expenses properly then there may not be any money for you to save and invest. Not having a good grasp of your cash-flow can lead to financial stress. If you struggle with saving money, or if you wish you had more disposable income to do the things you enjoy then it’s probably time to take back control of your cash-flow. Premium access can help simplify and automate your budget by aggregating and categorizing financial transactions across multiple accounts. You can set monthly spending targets and alerts, so you can always know if your budget is on track.

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Do you have a tax strategy?


Many people really only think about taxes once a year, at tax time. Real tax planning is a year round activity. By the time you drop off your tax information to your CPA, or sit down to do your tax return, its usually too late to do anything with your investments that can have a meaningful impact on your tax return.


With Premium access we can help you…


  • Understand how you are being taxed and plan for tax issues before they come up.
  • Decide which accounts to save money. Roth or Traditional IRA, 401k, After-Tax, etc.
  • Develop strategies seeking to maximize the tax advantages of your retirement accounts.
  • Create Strategies to potentially reduce the amount of taxes you pay on your investments.
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Do you want to be debt free?

Debt can be one of the largest monthly expenses for many households, and it can really be overwhelming. Mortgage payments, equity lines, Car loans, Credit cards, Student loans. Whatever your current level of debt, with Premium Access we can help you create a plan to pay off your debt and work towards becoming debt free.

Review Annual Benefits Enrollment

Once a year we usually get an opportunity to review and make changes to our benefits that we choose through our company. The choices we make during this period can affect our health insurance expenses, group life insurance, disability coverage and more.

Most people know that this is important, but often they will delay completing the open enrollment process until the very last minute. With just a short amount of time left many people will just simply check the boxes to keep everything the same as last year.

Corporate benefits change all the time. Your situation may have changed. What might have been the best option for you last year may not be the best this year.

As a Premium Access subscriber we can help you with these open enrollment decisions.

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Various Electronic Devices

Do You Participate In A 401K, 403B Or Other Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan?


As a Premium Access subscriber we can help you build a strategy for your employer sponsored retirement plan.


We can help you decide how much you should be contributing to the plan, choose between the Roth or Traditional option, and also explore other features of your plan that you may not even be aware of.


We begin by ranking each one of your available investment options through a research database. Then, we will help you select the most appropriate investments that fit within your asset allocation and risk level.


Did you know some plans have features that allow you to invest in thousands of additional investment options not on the main menu? Or that some plans allow you to save as much as $54,000 per year* in tax advantaged savings? Many companies have “special” features but don’t widely publish their availability.


We can help you strive to get the most out of your company savings plan.


* (From IRS.gov) Effective January 1, 2017, the limitation on the annual benefit under a defined benefit plan under Section 415(b)(1)(A) is increased from $210,000 to $215,000. For a participant who separated from service before January 1, 2017, the limitation for defined benefit plans under Section 415(b)(1)(B) is computed by multiplying the participant’s compensation limitation, as adjusted through 2016, by 1.0112.

The limitation for defined contribution plans under Section 415(c)(1)(A) is increased in 2017 from $53,000 to $54,000.


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