The WealthVision Financial Plan

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From: Bill Lethemon

Subject: WealthVision Financial Plan

Dear Friend,

If you are someone who has experienced career and financial success, then you probably understand how your financial life can get more complicated.

Accounts in multiple locations, investment plans and benefits through work, possibly multiple homes etc.

On top of all of that, you are probably pretty busy with increasing responsibility and demands at work along with trying to balance some personal and family time.

And while you may see your assets growing, you may be wondering if you’re on the right track, or if you’re making any mistakes.

What does your financial future look like?

When will you be able to retire?

Am I saving enough money for retirement? (Maybe too much?)

Am I optimizing all of my financial resources?

Are there benefits through my employer that I’m missing out on?

Will my family be ok if I’m not here?

Are you making mistakes that could cost you unnecessary taxes?

If you have ever felt like you’re just spinning your wheels, or have questions like these, I can help.



Our WealthVision Comprehensive Financial Plan, is designed to help bring confidence and clarity to your most important financial goals.

Many of us go through life without ever really having a clear vision of what it is that we actually want our life to look like.

Often we find ourselves working, saving money and investing, but we’re really not sure what we are working, saving and investing for.

Maybe we do it because we think it’s what we are supposed to do or because someone told us it’s what we should do.

We focus on rates of return, fees, tax strategies, how we should invest etc.

Often we have never really asked the question…

What do we really want our money to do for us?

Without a clear vision, our life can quickly fall out of balance.

I talk a lot about having a financial vision, because money impacts almost every area of our life.

What do you enjoy spending money on?

What do hate spending money on?

Do you want to spend more time with your family and friends?

Do you have activities or hobbies that you wish you could do more often?

It All Starts With A Plan

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“Creating Your Financial Vision Strategy Call”

Now that you know what you want your money to do for you, it’s time to build your map.

We begin by helping you organize all of your financial information together in a way that is easy to understand.

Using our advanced financial planning software we will prepare detailed reports so you can see exactly where you are on your map.

Statement of Net Worth

Detailed breakdown of all of your financial assets and liabilities

Cash-flow Report (How money flows in and out of your household)

  • Are your financial goals on track (when can you retire)
  • Detailed accounting of all of your income and expenses over time
  • Plan for future expenses such as college, weddings, retirement, etc.
  • Identify gaps so we can explore strategies to fill your gaps

Income tax Reports

  • What is your projected tax bracket today, vs. what could it be in the future
  • Estimated Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) from retirement accounts


  • Long term projections of how your investment assets could grow over time
  • Detailed breakdown of Traditional Retirement, Roth and Non-Retirement Assets over time

Designing your map will help you to prioritize your goals so we can focus on what’s most important to you.

It All Starts With A Plan

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“Creating Your Financial Vision Strategy Call”

Financial independence can be considered achieved when you have enough passive income to cover all of your expenses.

How fast this can happen has more to do with what you do with your money than how much money you make.

If you’re Creating and Building Wealth we can help you…

Plan your retirement plan contributions between now and the time you retire. (Roth, Traditional IRA etc.)

Explore opportunities to save money in a more tax efficient way

Understand your cash flow and where your money is going.

Develop an investment contribution strategy designed for your goals

Create a plan to manage your employee stock options and restricted stock

Decide what to do with excess cash-flow.

Review protection strategies for you and your family

Work on debt management strategies, including how to finance new or existing assets

Understand how real estate may fit into your strategy for financial independence

Build an asset allocation strategy for long term growth potential.

If you’re Near or in Retirement we can help you…

Decide when to collect Social Security and how to coordinate your benefits with your spouse.

Understand how your Social Security decision affects your cash-flow and your taxes both now and in the future.

Choose between a lump sum pension vs. a stream of monthly payments

Develop a tax strategy that coordinates retirement plan distributions with your other sources of retirement income such as Social Security and pensions.

Identify your anticipated retirement plan withdrawals including IRS mandated Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) from retirement accounts.

Develop an asset allocation strategy geared toward retirement withdrawals

Is this a good fit?

Honestly, there’s no way either one of us can really know that unless we talk and get to know each other.

So if you’re interested, let’s set up a time to talk.

We’ll answer any questions you have, and we’ll ask you a few as well.

And if we all decide we’re a good fit, then we can move forward.

And if we don’t, that’s fine. If you’re happy, we’re happy. It really is that simple.

So with that said, fill out your info below and we’ll schedule a time to talk.



It All Starts With A Plan

Click here to schedule your free 45 Minute

“Creating Your Financial Vision Strategy Call”

What I Do

I help individuals create confidence and clarity about their money and their most important financial goals.

Over the last 25 years I have continuously refined and developed a process to understand and simplify your finances.

Using advanced financial planning software we can help you understand how all of the moving parts of your financial picture work together and explore strategies to help you optimize the resources that you have.

Our financial plan can help you make your most important financial decisions with confidence

With this tool we can instantly see how changing just one

Avoiding costly mistakes.

It all starts with a plan!

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